A new season for the chickens

We have officially entered spring at our place. The 2012 meat chickens have sold out completely – but if you’ve already ordered them for our Sunday delivery, we’ve got them for you. Also, you’re still in luck if you want to order wings! We’ll have chicken again starting May 15 – less than 2 months from now.

We have 250 brand new baby chicks peeping away, too! It’s hard to picture them outside munching on greens right now with all the snow in the ground, but I think the next few weeks will bring big changes, and by the time they have feathers and are ready for the great outdoors, then the great outdoors should be ready for them.

We have 2 kinds of birds this year – Cornish Cross and Freedom Rangers. We’re doing this because our prices are going up as a result of increased feed cost and a better understanding of how much it costs to raise the birds. The Cornish Cross breed costs less for us to raise, so we can charge a little less for them. They are the standard meat breed, but our organic feed and our attention to making sure our birds really eat their greens makes these birds are a whole different animal from conventional chickens.

The Freedom Rangers, with their French genetics, are bred for good taste and vitality and are more of a gourmet bird. We thought about switching back to the Cornish Cross entirely, but these French birds are so much fun to raise we wanted them on our farm! We also wanted to offer our customers something unique. The slower growing birds offer real, old-fashioned flavor and texture, and they’re more sustainable in the sense that they are bred for such vital health instead of quick growth. Birds like that are hard to find.

Because we’re sold out of meat, we won’t do a Sunday delivery in Minneapolis April. If you want eggs, let us know. We’ve been selling out of them, too, but they’re here at the farm, and on Tuesday and Thursday nights we can take them to the drop-site Minneapolis.

Come see us at Midtown Farmers’ Market – near our Minneapolis drop site – starting Saturday May 18. It’s open all morning. We’ll be there through October and then plan to begin our Minneapolis drop sites in November again.

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