A spring of building

It has been a busy spring!

With the help of some dedicated customers, we remodeled an old hen coop to make it an insulated brooder — a place for the baby birds that have to stay warm. We also had two “barn-raisings,” which were really chicken coops that each went up over the course of a day. Still, they felt like barn raisings because at one point, we had to push the frames from lying flat on the ground to an arch shape that stands more than 6 feet tall. It took several people working together and was a rewarding piece of work to do.

Right now we have almost 1000 birds at our place — 2 separate flocks of meat birds, and 2 separate flocks of layers. Like last year, we’re raising both the standard meat chicken, and a slower growing breed.

With very mixed feelings, we drove our steer to the processor’s in April. He was an especially gentle and graceful black angus that we boarded at the home of our dear friends and neighbors because they have a better set-up for cattle in terms of fencing and a water systems. This summer, we hope to be developing the fencing to keep cattle right here at home.

We also brought 3 hogs into the processor this week. They’re a mixed breed that includes some Berkshire heritage for good flavor. We had no idea how much we would enjoy having hogs around. They’ve found a special place in both of our hearts. It has been a humbling, joyful privilege to raise them, and it will be a humbling, joyful privilege to eat their delicious pork.

We’re at Fulton Farmers Market every Saturday now, and we’ll start up at Midtown Farmers Market June 2 — right around the bend.

Summer is really here! See you at the markets, or at our farm.

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