barn raising in progress

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We’ve made huge progress on our new chicken coop over the last couple weeks. The first job was to assemble and raise up all the metal bars that will support the structure. Our boys helped with the job.

Once those supports were up, it took a great deal of effort to be sure that the base of each metal hoop was in a straight line with the other hoops. Ian and our friend John would peer along the line of metal supports sticking out of the ground and offer advice about whether it was in a good position or not before they permanently attached it.

“You’re out of line!” they kept telling each other until it became the joke of the evening.

ian camera 031Then, just before Thanksgiving, Ian put up the baseboards around the bottom of the hoop. This time the challenge wasn’t being “out of line.” Instead, he was worried about if he was being “on the level.”

Usually, when people are working as hard as Ian and John are, it’s safe to say that they’re staying out of trouble. This project is the exception to the rule because those guys were getting out of line and Ian work wasn’t always on the level.

ian camera 043With time – and a whole lot of effort — it sorted itself out. All the poles and the baseboard are up to everyone’s satisfaction, and on Wednesday dump trucks and a bobcat were working here for the entertainment of our four-year-old. Those vehicles – and the guys driving them – patched up our driveway and landscaped around the new coop.

A great deal remains to be done with the coop, but we’ve won our race with the freezing ground, at least where the coop construction is concerned. We’re certainly thankful for that.

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