Dark fields

I have mixed feelings about the warm weather.

On one hand, we are so grateful that the mild weather has made the construction of our hoop house easier. The ground froze slowly, so we could dig up the ground and smooth it out again before it became hard as ice. Now, we have a chance to enclose the building before winter really sets in. Our roof is up, of course, but we also have the side walls and then some 4-foot walls that run the length of the building.

Also, it’s a luxury to be doing chores this time of year without freezing parts of ourselves. No matter how bundled up I might be, my hands freeze. For Ian and my daughter, it’s their feet. We’ve been comfortable outside so far this season with happy hands and feet.

Still, I miss the snow that we had for a while. When it was on the ground, I went out in the morning to open the doors for the hens and feed breakfast to the dogs. The sky was pink, and the fields were white and smelling sweetly of snow. I had to stop in my tracks to stand there with a bag of dog food in my hands, just breathing. That pink sky on the snowy fields were so astounding I couldn’t ignore them or wrap my understanding around them. The only thing to do was to just stand there and breathe, embracing the world with each breath.

I stood quietly for just moment because there were animals to tend and preschool would be starting soon for my son in town. Even in that short time, those fields and that sky made me a little more beautiful from the inside out. I could feel the change in my lungs and my shoulders and my face. It made me smile.

I miss that snow.

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