Half and whole hogs for sale

We’re taking deposits for half and whole hogs for 2016. We’ll feed them certified organic feed (meaning non-GMO and no sprays) and raise them outside with a varied diet. The pork will be available in November.

To put down a $150 deposit to reserve a half hog, contact us via phone or e-mail, or use this Paypal button. (If you use the Pay Pal button, please e-mail us at auntieanniesfieldsATgmailDOT com with your contact information!) The remainder of the cost will be paid when you pick up your pork at Dennison Meats in November.

How much does it cost, and how much pork would I get?
A half hog would be VERY ROUGHLY $458 and yield around 73 lbs of meat. A whole hog would be roughly twice that. This breaks down to roughly $6.30/lb for the packaged pork.

A HALF hog would yield something around: 23 pork chops, 3 lbs Spare Ribs, 9 lbs ground pork (maybe for sausage?), 15lbs ham (for a great potroast or smoked for big hams or ham steaks), 8 lbs bacon, 14 lbs roast, 5 lbs Stew Bones, 8 lbs unrendered lard. It’s possible to play with these amounts sometimes to have more sausage, more roasts, etc.

Deposits, whole & half hog

How are your hogs raised?
We feed them:
• Certified organic feed,
• Hay from our own land,
• Eggs from our organic-fed chickens
• A small amount of leftover fruits vegetables as a little treat (some organic, and some not).
They are raised in a small herd. They have an old-style pig pen with a shelters and a yard where they like to wallow and play around and sometimes sleep under the stars on nice nights. We don’t give them hormones or routine antibiotics. In the rare even that animal becomes sick or injured, I follow the vet’s instructions and wait twice as long as is recommended before butchering.

I need to avoid gluten and nitrates! I am delighted that Dennison Meats can work with you to avoid nitrates, gluten, and most other ingredients that one might be avoiding. If that’s the case for, you should talk directly with the processor about your needs. She is fabulous at guiding you through these choices.

When and where will the pork be available?We’ll be processing the hogs in November. When you pick up your hog at Dennison Meats, (109 Farm Road, Dennison, Minnesota 55018,) you’ll pay both the processing cost (to Dennison ) and the remainder of the cost of the hog (to us). If you want to discuss the many options available for processing (like types of sausages, etc.), click to see Dennison Meat’s website, or call them at 507-645-8734

How is the final cost calculated?
We charge $3.35/lb hanging weight plus processing cost, which is estimated at $230 per hog. Here’s an estimate of how that breaks down for a whole hog:
Live weight: 300 lbs
Hanging weight: 204 lbs
Packaged weight: 145 lbs
So, a whole hog might cost approximately $915 ($3.35 x 204 lbs plus $230 processing cost) and a half hog would be half that amount.

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