Hogs — and storms.

Our hogs are going to arrive soon! I you want one, please let us know soon. We have only one hog (two halves) available still. Half a hog costs roughly $458, and you’d get about 73 lbs of pork. They should be ready in November. Our last post has more details.


The hogs are arriving soon, and we have two batches of meat birds in the field already (along with our 700 laying hens). Our first group of meat birds is looking very big and regal with their lovely red feathers. (Yes, I think it is possible for chickens to look regal. I know some people might debate that point with me, but they probably haven’t spent much time with our slow-growing meat birds.)regal bird


The next youngest group still has some baby down with their feathers, and they have just gone out to the field. They are getting used to their new coop before we open the doors so they’ll know to go inside by themselves at night, but soon we will let them out in to the wide world of green clover.


And that clover is beautiful. With all the rain we’ve been getting, their pasture is so lush. We’ve lost a few branches to some of the storms, but everything else has stayed safe. Last week, we were trying to have a birthday dinner for our daughter as the radio announced a funnel cloud would be traveling past us several miles to the west.


Much to my daughter’s dismay, I ran outside. The clouds to the west roared without a moment of silence. When I lived in South Minneapolis, I often heard that from the sky because planes were always overhead, but that sound isn’t common here. The air just vibrated. As I ran to the house, my mother pulled up in the driveway and wouldn’t get out of the car because of the rain. Meanwhile, my husband and 12 year old son were at the hospital attending to my son’s thumb, which was hurt by some sharp machinery. They couldn’t leave the hospital because of the weather. But no tornado struck us, my mom made it into the house, the thumb is healing well, and the birthday dinner was happy in spite of it all.


Ever since I was a child, I dreamed about the drama and splendor spending summer storms on my own farm. I guess I can check that one off the bucket list now. I’m sure other storms will bring other stories, and I’m voting for happy endings.

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