New developments

The last month brought many exciting decisions for us.

First, we’ve set prices for the season. We’ll be offering 2 kinds of birds: the standard meat breed (Cornish Cross) and the slower growing gourmet breed (Freedom Rangers) that we grew last year.

• The Cornish Cross will be $4.95 a pound
• Freedom Rangers will be $5.35.
• There’s a discount of $3 PER BIRD when you buy on farm.

The prices are higher than last year for several reasons. First, organic feed cost went up a great deal, and that’s our main expense. The new prices are also a better reflection of the true cost of raising birds, and it will let us keep doing the work we love to do and that we believe is very important work. Please come visit us and take advantage of that significant discount.

We are moving up the schedule on our long-term plans to offer beef and pork. We have 20 acres here. Our hope has always been to eventually help heal this land with rotational grazing that included ruminants. We plan to offer pork and beef at Fulton Farmers’ Market this summer.

That brings up the third big decision we made. Because our friends the Brauchers decided not to sell meat at Fulton this summer, it opened up an opportunity for us to be the meat vendor there. Of course we’ll still be at Midtown. John Riley, who’s been living at our place with his wife and small children since October, will likely staff the Fulton Market. He’s a very friendly guy, and we trust him and his whole family completely.

We’ll be doubling the size of our laying flock next week to help keep up with the demand of 2 markets.

The hogs we’re buying are a very old fashioned breed called guinea hogs. They’re on the Slow Food Arc of Good taste (which is for endangered foods that taste amazing). They’re small black hogs and very gentle. I fell I love when I saw some in Iowa several years ago. We will have a very limited supply this year, but if it works well to raise them, I hope to offer more in coming years.

Our new steers will stay with our friend Kurt Schulz this season. We’ll be making many trips out to his place to help care for the animals and to learn from Kurt. Like the hogs, our supply will be limited, but I hope it increases in coming years.

We’re holding work days every Saturday from April 21 through May 11, making chicken coops and a pig pen. We may be able to thank helpers with some extra eggs after our new laying flock comes.

We still have eggs available in South Minneapolis Tuesday and Thursday nights. Order ahead if you’d like some!

Please let us know if you can come help and if you’d like to pick up some eggs.

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