New Year on the farm

Here’s a video of our Baby chicks, early April 2015

For us, the New Year started Thursday April 2 this year, with an early morning call from the post office. The post office clerk didn’t need to say a word because in the background, we could hear 600 baby birds peeping. We retrieved the birds, brought them home to their warm brooder and dipped each little chick’s beak in water in case any needed help figuring out how to get a drink. They’re already growing fast and our new season is literally off and running!

We’ll be raising chicken, pork and eggs this year. We thought hard about adding beef. I picked up our friend Chuck last month and toured a pasture where we could have grazed cattle. It was an absolutely beautiful pasture, lush and shaded by wonderful walnut and chestnut trees, but Chuck reminded me how many irons we already have in the fire. We decided that the timing isn’t right yet. Chuck grew up in farming on an old-fashioned diversified farm, and we’re constantly asking him for advice.

Always before, when I’ve talked to Chuck about our farm, he’s been talking directly to me. When we went to see the pasture, though, Chuck mentioned our farm to the man who was showing him around. Chuck squared his shoulders very slightly and his voice grew just a tiny bit deeper. I’m sure I was the only one who noticed, and I was silently delighted. Of course he should feel proud of the farm he has been helping to build. I don’t know what kind of farm we would have without him.

Just like we wouldn’t have much of a farm without Chuck, we wouldn’t have much of a farm without our customers. My relationship with my farm fills part of my heart that nothing else fills, and that’s a feeling that I would love to share widely.

So with a new year upon us, we want to keep in better touch with people. I’m planning to send out an e-mail every other week, update our blog weekly and update our Facebook page a couple times a week. Be in touch with us if you have any questions or comments or need to take a break from our e-mail list.

On a practical note, if you want to see us in person, we’ll be doing a drop-off at Ian’s parents’ house in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis on Sunday, 4-26. E-mail us to let us know if we should bring something for you. We’ll have a pretty full selection of chicken and pork.

For farmers markets, this season, we’ll be at Fulton every Saturday morning starting May 16; at Midtown every other week starting May 9 (the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays of the month); and at Nokomis one Wednesday a month during the summer. If you want to visit the farm, let us know!

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