Working with TC Farms

We are so grateful to be part of the TC Farm group of farms. Our chicken and eggs are available at TC Farm’s drop-off points in the Twin Cities, along with pork and beef raised by other local producers who are also working hard to raise their animals on pasture and eating organic feed to produce the healthiest, best tasting meat. Take a look at what TC Farms has to offer.

Our relationship with TC Farms began many years ago when I read about their Animal Welfare Approved laying flock and contacted them out of the blue to find out if we could come over for a visit. They welcomed us to their farm, gave us a memorable tour, and fed us like royalty. They visited us several times at our farm too, and after some years, we began producing chicken and eggs for TC Farms. For a few years, we were still selling our chicken and eggs at farmers markets. We have now transitioned into selling our chicken and eggs almost exclusively through TC Farms. Taking the pressure of marketing off our shoulders has truly allowed us to keep farming.

We still raise some hogs on the side and sell them by halves and wholes through our own company, Auntie Annie’s Fields LLC, and we can have frozen chicken available on our farm once a year for those who have placed reservations. For those of you who want a regular supply of the best meat, please check out TC Farms.

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